ISC-CX Case Study: Using the latest AI software to resolve CX shortcomings

A globally-renowned EV car brand enhances its customer experience with ISC-CX Close the Loop - powered by AI

Improving the customer experience is crucial to the success of any automotive business. But how can companies ensure that their customers have the best possible experience at the dealership?

In our latest case study, we present a ground-breaking solution that a global EV car brand has successfully implemented in its processes to identify and resolve CX deficits as quickly as possible.

Although a mystery shopping programme was already running, the effective remediation of the identified areas for improvement proved to be complicated and time-consuming. The search for an impactful, cost-effective solution ultimately led to ISC-CX Close the Loop, powered by AI.

This innovative software provides swift and precise identification of Customer Experience shortcomings, offering clear actionable insights for store managers and employees. The direct implementation of these recommendations led to impressive improvements in operational processes and increased customer satisfaction.

In our case study, you can discover which three specific challenges ISC-CX CTL identified for the company and what other benefits the use of this AI-powered programme brought.


The ISC-CX future mobility whitepaper is now available

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