Customer Experience around the world

All football enthusiasts are currently looking to Qatar, where the Soccer World Cup is taking place. However, the eyes of many companies also look to the Middle East at other times: namely when they measure their global customer experience in a standardized way.

Globally uniform standards are the be-all and end-all of global brands and corporations: Well-known brands can only establish themselves if the customer experience is good in all corners of the world. How can these brands ensure that their uniform standards are adhered to in different countries?

Mystery Shopping in the Middle East

It is demonstrated by many international corporations that they rely on globally uniform customer experience programs such as mystery shopping or voice of customer, ideally, worldwide from a single source. ISC-CX offers all these services, and they have access to more than 1.2 million trained mystery shoppers worldwide. In this way, the standards of international brands can be checked from America to China, Europe, and in the Middle East.  

Customer experience from luxury to fast food

Many different industries count on the services of providers such as ISC-CX. Especially popular in the luxury sector: Mystery Shopping. Well-known clothing, jewelry, or watches brands rely on the fact that the service in their stationary stores worldwide corresponds to the highest level. Other sectors have come to rely on customer experience programs such as the fast food or FMCG sector. Here, Voice of Customer provides information on how real customers perceive the shopping experience. Short questions are asked about waiting times, cleanliness, or satisfaction. The answers from a wide variety of markets then converge in a dashboard so that managers can see immediately how the performance is in different countries and locations.

ISC-CX is also setting extraordinary standards in the automotive sector with its Future Mobility service – in an industry that is currently undergoing rapid upheaval. The company draws on 20 years of global experience and combines an international network with local experts who adapt customer experience programs to national conditions.  

Latest technology

The mystery shoppers use the ISC-CX Mobile App for their evaluations, which has recently undergone a major update. This ensures high-quality and highly efficient data acquisition. The ISC-CX Mobile App is available to the company's many mystery shoppers and brand auditors around the world for CX programs of top global brands. It meets the latest security standards and is equipped with artificial intelligence for data analysis.

One thing is clear: Due to advancing globalization, it is worth looking at different countries outside of the World Cup. The Middle East is one of the richest regions in the world – and is an important sales market for many brands, where it pays to keep standards high.  Customer experience program succeeds both in Qatar and in the rest of the world.

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