ISC-CX Luxury Brands Study: Worldwide customer reviews reveal valuable CX insights

In the luxury segment, customer expectations often surpass the usual standards. To create long-term customer relations with their customers, many companies aim to regularly measure themselves against these high standards. Analysing customer opinions and reviews can provide valuable insights to further tailor the shopping experience to meet customer needs more precisely.

Despite its high relevance, many companies overlook regular analysis of customer feedback. ISC-CX TEXTALYTICS offers an exciting solution with its AI-powered software, swiftly providing valuable insights into the customer experience.

For the latest study in the luxury industry, ISC-CX TEXTALYTICS analysed over 6,000 Google reviews from the past 6 months from stores of leading luxury brands from a total of 16 countries. We reveal which brands offer a first-class shopping experience and which topics predominate in customer reviews. You can also find out where customers are offered the best shopping experience in our global city ranking.


Customer-centric approach: The importance of customer feedback

To ensure an outstanding customer experience, companies need to better understand the needs of their customers. The collection, analysis, and evaluation of customer feedback plays a crucial role here. It's important to be informed about repeated issues or negative experiences along the customer journey to respond quickly and appropriately.

The evaluation of comments and ratings not only serves to uncover possible weaknesses in the customer experience but also to identify new trends or potential.


ISC-CX TEXTALYTICS helps to use customer feedback more effectively

In most cases, a lack of time or a shortage of staff means that companies tend to overlook the regular analysis of customer feedback. Especially the open comments with larger text fields require more capacity, which is why the AI-powered solution offers a decisive advantage.

Thanks to ISC-CX TEXTALYTICS, companies can collect, analyse, and effectively use valuable customer feedback within a very short time.

To gain deeper insights or verify the results of the analysed customer feedback, it makes sense to integrate a supplementary mystery shopping programme. 

Thanks to a global infrastructure with uniform standards, ISC-CX offers a decisive advantage for internationally active brands to obtain comparable data.


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Discover how ISC-CX TEXTALYTICS’ AI works, how it supports companies in analysing large amounts of data, and what information it provides about the customers of 14 well-known brands from the luxury industry.

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