Diversity in Action: ISC-CX Sets New Standards in Global Customer Engagement

ISC-CX, a leading global customer experience agency, successfully continues its commitment to diversity and inclusion a key driving force behind ISC-CX’s global success. With a 70% female workforce representing 30 different nations among its 200 staff, new standards for global collaboration and customer satisfaction.

ISC-CX leverages its multicultural team to create tailored customer experience solutions that resonate with diverse markets. This dynamic blend, where professionals from around the world unite, enables ISC-CX to deeply connect with customers and provide exceptional service.

"Our diverse team is our strength. We value every individual's viewpoint, regardless of nationality or background," says Reinhold Auer, Managing Director at ISC-CX.

In a recent milestone, ISC-CX promoted several female colleagues to director-level positions, including Mujinga Muyombo, Marta Jakab., Lorella Graziano, and Lama al Rifai. Previously, Kasia Filbrandt was appointed as a member of the board, further emphasizing the company's commitment to gender equality and diversity at leadership levels.

This global family at ISC-CX thrives on diversity, where Middle Eastern nationals collaborate seamlessly with counterparts from Japan, South Americans with Europeans, and Americans with colleagues from various regions. This not only reflects the potential of a multicultural workforce but also underscores ISC-CX's commitment to a harmonious work environment.

ISC-CX invites individuals worldwide to join their journey, celebrating diversity, fostering innovation, and transforming customer experiences.