ISC-CX Case Study: Enhancing Brand Visibility in the electronics consumer goods industry

The Impact of ISC-CX's Brand Assessment Audits on the brand visibility of an Electronics Consumer Goods Company in multi-brand stores

In the fiercely competitive world of electronic consumer goods, ensuring optimal product visibility is paramount to achieving brand success. Our latest case study shows the remarkable journey of a leading electronic manufacturer that significantly boosted its brand presence across 21 global markets, thanks to ISC-CX's comprehensive Brand Assessment Audit Programme.

This well-known electronics company faced a major challenge: improving product placement strategies in various multi-brand retail stores. While traditional Mystery Shopping methods provided valuable insights, the company needed an even more in-depth approach to refine its in-store positioning, window visibility, and digital screen presence.

This is where ISC-CX's Audit Programme came into play. Designed to offer deeper insights and actionable outcomes, it enabled the company to enhance brand visibility, ensure compliance with retail display agreements, analyse competitor strategies, strengthen brand positioning, and empower retail staff.

Throughout the audits, several critical observations emerged, revealing both opportunities and challenges. The comprehensive evaluation spanned over 2,500 stores across 21 markets, shedding light on the current state of in-store presence, window visibility, and digital engagement.


The new case study about ISC-CX's Brand Assessment Audits is now available

Check out our latest case study for a deep dive into the audit results. Learn how brand assessment audits can help you stand out from competitors with five key benefits.

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