Would you buy a car without test driving it first? For most customers, the test drive is an essential part of the buying process. An outstanding customer experience during the test drive can have a positive impact on the purchase decision.

Discover in our brand-new case study how the ISC-CX Mystery Shopping programme helped a Northern European mobility service provider to achieve an impressive increase in the efficiency of its test drive management.

The challenge: Identifying and eliminating deficits in the Customer Journey

Although the client has been using a Voice of Customer programme for some time, they recognised the value of combining different CX programmes to get a more comprehensive view of customer perceptions, gain more detailed insights and validate previous results.

The solution: Mystery Shopping as part of a comprehensive CX strategy

The case study shows how Mystery Shopping can be an integral part of a holistic, optimised customer experience. Companies should not rely solely on a single measurement tool such as Voice of Customer, but use a variety of instruments to gain deeper insights into their business and the entire customer journey.

In addition to the results on the customer journey during test drives, the case study also contains a summary of the action plan, which lists the points to be optimised.

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