Improved Customer Experience through Mystery Shopping in a Coffee Chain

Excellent dishes and beverages alone are no longer sufficient in today's gastronomy to keep customers tied to a brand in the long run. The customer experience plays a crucial role in determining whether customers visit only once or become loyal brand advocates. 

Discover how a popular Southern European coffee chain enhanced its customer experience through mystery shopping. In our latest case study, we unveil proven strategies that have led to exceptional customer service and satisfied guests.

Overcoming Challenges

A coffee chain with over 400 branches in various countries faced the challenge of ensuring consistent service quality and achieving consistent results.

Impact of Mystery Shopping

In the program's initial phase, the client experienced promising improvements in coffee quality, service speed, and ambiance. 

We reveal best practices and strategies

Download the complete case study to learn more about the challenges and strategies that ultimately resulted in significant improvements in the customer experience of the coffee chain.

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