Infographic: Discover the unexpected with ISC-CX Textalytics

Are you analyzing and interpreting open-ended text commentary fields for hours to get precise insights about the thoughts, wishes and experiences of your customers? You can leave this arduous process behind with ISC-CX Textalytics.

In the past, customer experience programs often did not use open text commentary fields in their surveys or did not analyze the results - it was simply too time-consuming. The text fields not only reveal the reactions and sentiment of the customers, but they also capture customers’ valuable advice on how to improve the customer experience. So it's worth taking a closer look at text analytics.

ISC-CX Textalytics combines the reactions and sentiments in the open text field with answers from the closed-ended questions to provide deeper insights. You can find out how it works in our newly-released infographic:

Download the Infographic here for free.

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