Intro­ducing ISC-CX Close the Loop powered by AI - Maximizing Customer Experiences through seamless action

ISC-CX, a leading provider of customer experience solutions, is thrilled to unveil its latest product, ISC-CX Close the Loop powered by AI. This innovative self-assessment tool revolutionizes the way companies identify and rectify operational shortfalls and gaps, offering significant time and cost savings.

Close the Loop, whether integrated into audits and mystery shopping programs or utilized as a standalone solution, brings unparalleled advantages to businesses. With its transparent, smart, and accessible features, it empowers companies to efficiently track and resolve issues, providing a comprehensive view of their operations. The no-code implementation and centralized control further streamline the process, while real-time tracking ensures timely error resolution.

"Our mission at ISC-CX is to support businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences," said Reinhold Auer, Managing Director at ISC-CX. "With Close the Loop powered by AI, companies can swiftly address operational shortfalls without the need for physical interventions, saving valuable time and resources."

ISC-CX Close the Loop powered by AI boasts a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionalities, including native app capture, in-app photo upload, geotracking, and an easily navigable user journey. The standalone mode provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing customers to define their own trigger criteria based on their unique requirements.