ISC-CX and Replay Elevate Customer Experience to New Heights

The iconic fashion label Replay has selected ISC-CX, one of the leading customer experience companies, to further perfect the shopping experience for its customers.

Replay utilises ISC-CX's customer experience program to increase customer awareness and loyalty. The program allows the company to gain valuable insights into the customer experience and obtain valuable feedback. Based on this, Replay can make targeted improvements and ensure that customers' needs and expectations are met.

"At Replay, customer satisfaction is always our top priority. By collaborating with ISC-CX, we can ensure that our outlet stores meet the highest standards and that our customers have an exceptional shopping experience," said Simone Tancredi, Global Retail Director at Replay. "Through the assessments and utilization of the customer experience program, we can promote transparency, strengthen customer trust, and further enhance our relationship with them."

"We are proud to work with Replay and support them in assessing their stores," emphasized Reinhold Auer, Managing Director at ISC-CX. "Through our customer experience program, we can contribute to Replay providing an excellent retail experience and strengthening customer loyalty. We look forward to continuing to collaborate closely with Replay and supporting them in increasing customer satisfaction and success."

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