ISC-CX partners with Foot Locker to elevate Customer Experience at its stores in Eastern Europe

Global athletic shoe chain Foot Locker taps ISC-CX to capture customer experience data in stores as the basis for analysis and recommendations.

ISC-CX, the leading provider of customer experience programs worldwide for over 20 years, announced today that Foot Locker, Inc. selected ISC-CX as the company of choice to elevate the customer experience in Romania, Hungary, and Poland.

ISC-CX utilizes its extensive teams on the ground around the world. During the last two years,  ISC-CX has sped up product development, including investing in AI-powered data analysis technologies and global human capital as never before.  The result has been large step-ups in the versions of all ISC-CX products, plus an upgraded reporting platform to compare CX programs within one brand.  

“ISC-CX is the best customer experience partner for Foot Locker as they have highly-trained people and technologies to capture the customer journey in our stores in fine detail. ISC-CX analyzes this data within the context of their proprietary global benchmarks and best practices.  This reveals specific areas of excellence at Foot Locker stores as well as opportunities for improvement,” said Ilona Levy Kalias, General Manager at Fox Group, Footlocker’s European distribution partner.

“ISC-CX has many years of deep experience in Eastern Europe and for our clients who are active in that region, we offer them resources, flexibility, speed, and confidentiality,” said ISC-CX Chairman Reinhold Auer.  “Our programs capture and measure all CX elements in a store to ensure that retailers can offer a uniform shopping experience across their brand.”

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