ISC-CX TALKALYTICS: How service centers can improve their customer experience thanks to artificial intelligence

Speech analysis with artificial intelligence can help service centers to optimize overall processing time, improve training, and increase sales and satisfaction.

Service centers are an important touchpoint with the customer. It is essential that customer concerns are handled quickly, friendly and efficiently to ensure an outstanding customer experience. To ensure this, modern customer experience tools such as ISC-CX TALKALYTICS are ideal for evaluating and constantly improving the quality of the service center.

Efficient evaluation of data

Voice of Customer programs already give a great insight into customer satisfaction after contact with a service center, but it also makes sense to record conversations and analyze them. However, this is very time-consuming, unless artificial intelligence takes over the work. ISC-CX TALKALYTICS provides valuable insight and in-depth analytics.

Artificial intelligence not only brings structure to the evaluations, but also creates a basis for deeper interpretations and recommendations for action. Thanks to ISC-CX TALKALYTICS, an international insurance company was able to increase customer satisfaction in the call center by 8.5%.

You can read how this was achieved here.

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