ISC-CX’s commitment to continuous AI and Machine Learning development

ISC-CX, the leading provider of customer experience programs worldwide for over 20 years, has appointed Robert Hauser to the Board of Directors. Hauser has served as the Head of Product Development at ISC-CX for 10 years developing proprietary CX data capture, analysis and reporting systems for the exclusive use of ISC-CX clients.

ISC-CX has always been in the position of offering clients flexibility, speed and confidentiality due to the proprietary technology developed by Hauser and the rest of the team.  This technology, along with ISC’s international and local project management teams, allows top global retailers to capture, analyze and elevate their customers’ experience.

Instead of downsizing or pausing during the greater part of 2020-2021, ISC-CX took the opposite approach speeding up the pace of product development and investing in the development of “listening” technologies and global human capital as never before.  The result has been large step-ups in the versions of all ISC-CX products beyond the capabilities of all competitive products in the market today plus an upgraded reporting platform to access and compare CX programs within one brand. 

“Just as we advise our clients to listen to the ‘voice of their customers’ and take quick action,  by appointing Robert to the Board, we are responding to the voice of our clients who want to leverage the latest technology for collecting and analyzing CX,” said Board Chairman Reinhold Auer.  “Robert has not only listened to our clients with rapt attention, but he is also able to translate their needs into user-friendly programs that can analyze and improve their CX and consequently increase revenue.“

“My focus is to constantly develop and improve the AI and Machine Learning that underpins our CX analysis programs which includes Voice of Customer, Social Media Comment Analysis and Mystery Shopping,” says Hauser. “The team and I will also be working on new products to capture and interpret the data signals that a brand’s customers continuously send out about their experience in-store and in digital channels.”

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