Whitepaper: How leading luxury brands create customer loyalty in 2021

Analyzing more than 40,000 data points throughout 2021, ISC-CX has discovered what the customer experience at luxury brands in various industries has in common, how it differs and what is particularly important to customers.

During all of 2021 to date, ISC-CX analyzed luxury brands in five different industries to find out the similarities in their customer experience programs. The result:  Six key attributes contribute to a positive customer experience in all five industries. We reveal these attributes in a new white paper.

Click here for the white paper How Leading Luxury Brands Create Customer Loyalty 

The five industries analyzed are:

  • Luxury Automotive
  • Luxury Fashion
  • Luxury House & Garden
  • Luxury Travel & Leisure
  • Luxury Watches & Jewelry

In this white paper, you will not only learn which attributes particularly influence the customer experience, but also benchmarks, including the average Net Promoter Scores, for the five industries. You can use these benchmarks to evaluate the performance of your own company at a glance.

Christian Steinhauser, Global Client Service Director at ISC-CX sums it up: “After years of experience with customer experience programs in the luxury industry and the findings from more than 40,000 data points covering various sales channels in 2021, we have an up-to-date granular knowledge of what customers currently expect from luxury brands. In our whitepaper, we pinpoint which key attributes characterize luxury brands, which industries are pioneers and where there is still room for improvement. Look forward to surprising insights and helpful recommendations! "

Curious? You can download the white paper here!

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