PRESS RELEASE: ISC-CX opens full-service office in Russia

"In the past few years we have identified Russia as an exciting market with further great growth potential," says Reinhold Auer, Managing Director at ISC-CX.  In light of this forecast, ISC-CX, the leading provider of customer experience programs worldwide for over 20 years, is opening a full-service office in Russia for strategic reasons.

ISC-CX has been active in the Russian market for several years and has seen increasing demand for customer experience programs. For example, the demand for Voice of Customer programs there has grown by an average of 15 percent per year in recent years ranking Russia as the world's largest market for this type of research.

The opening of the office not only provides elevated support for existing Russian customers, but also underlines the strategic direction of ISC-CX, explains Auer: “We are a global service provider with ‘glocal’ staff and expertise.  In a market as important as Russia, it makes perfect sense to have a permanent team there with deep knowledge of the Russian business environment.  Accordingly, we can continue to  design and execute the best CX programs for global and national clients."


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