Study: readiness to buy a car online

In a study in four countries, ISC-CX surveyed customers' willingness to buy their next car online. Find out here which countries are particularly online-savvy, what is the biggest motivation for buying online, and what touchpoint is not to be missed.

In recent years, digitization has made great strides in the car trade: Nearly all manufacturers increasingly relied on online configuration and omnichannel sales. But is society already ready to buy a car completely online? We wanted to find out more and launched a survey in Germany, England, Spain, and Italy - we have now summarized the brand-new results for you.

Online-savvy Germany

The first surprising finding from the study was that most participants in Germany could imagine buying their next car completely online. England, on the other hand, brought up the rear in this question. Interestingly, however, more than half of the respondents in England plan that their next vehicle would be fully electric. 

No purchase without a test drive

The participants from all countries agreed on one thing: Buying a car without a test drive? No, thanks! The majority cannot imagine buying a car without having test-driven it. This is an important insight for manufacturers and dealers, and one that opens the door to innovations: For example, test drives brought directly to potential customer's doorstep.

Find out what the reasons are for buying online in the automotive industry and which brands are associated with a strong online presence in our brand-new Future Mobility study.

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