What top customer experience performers do better

KPMG's annual Customer Experience Report shows that companies that continuously adapt to customer needs are the most successful.  Any brand that utilizes artificial intelligence can count themselves among the top customer experience performers.

KPMG’s Customer Experience Report each year encapsulates which brands are most successful through absolute customer focus. Only a few brands succeed in offering an excellent customer experience. But what makes the difference?

According to the researchers at KPMG, all customer experience measures must be consistently good. However, only a few brands achieve this consistency because from the customer's point of view there are often discrepancies that spoil the shopping experience.

This is What Winners Look Like

The KPMG report shows that the best brands are perfectly aligned with their customers: the customer are the focus and all interactions with the brand are perfectly tailored to their wants and needs. In addition, the entire organization shares the common goal of creating a great customer experience. The latest technologies are deployed and a seamless transition between online and offline experiences are created.

The research identifies artificial intelligence as a key aspect of top performance. It is intended to revolutionize customer communication and will be indispensable in the future to improve the customer experience. Due to artificial intelligence, companies can not only communicate with customers faster, but also in a more personalized, engaging manner.

ISC-CX’s Customer Experience Programs Put Brands One Step Ahead

ISC-CX has also been using artificial intelligence in customer experience programs for some time. For example, ISC-CX Textalytics analyzes customer commentary fields and recognizes sentiment, key words and customer needs and wants, and then categorizes the results into a user-friendly dashboard. This gives brands valuable direction on how to improve their customer experience and brings them one step closer to the title of Top Customer Experience Performer.

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