The 2019 Customer Experience Benchmark Report

Today, we’d like to give you dozens of game changing CX insights for free.

The 2019 Customer Experience Benchmark Report


Every year, we deploy our 1,000,000+ certified testers to evaluate our clients’ CX at each of their customer touchpoints. We analyze the results of each evaluation, and derive critical insights into the many ways that brands can increase their customer satisfaction, engagement, and advocacy. We learn what really increases customer satisfaction, what drives it down, and what brands can do to rebuild lost customer loyalty.

This year, we published these critical insights into our 2019 Customer Experience Benchmark report. 

Unlike online surveys or traditional CATI surveys, we built our report out of real data, from real service engagements, that occurred in real markets. 

Our report is omnichannel—it combines data from both our Service Check (Mystery Shopping) and Voice-2025 (Voice of the Customer) engagements—to provide a complete picture of customer behaviors, preferences, and responses. 

And we quantify the impact of our insights, presenting the exact impact on a brand’s NPS score for each of the CX improvements revealed by our analysis.

For this year’s survey we collected data from:

  • 214,000+ customer experience touchpoints
  • 130 global markets
  • 10 key retail industries
  • 3 channels

We combined this data, analyzed it, and packed our insights into this report, which we built to be the definitive global study on customer experience. This report includes actionable advice on how to build customer loyalty across the most important service channels. 

This report offers insights including:

  • What 5 factors can increase your NPS score to 97 points.
  • The worst days of the week for overall customer satisfaction.
  • The one website element that all customers read before making a purchasing decision— that only 33% of websites actually provide
  • The profitable online shopping cart action that only 16% of companies are performing.
  • What’s improved—and what still needs work—on customer calls with brand service agents.
  • The true impact of converting Passive customers into Promoters.

If you would like instant access to these insights—and many more—all you have to do is download your free copy of the report. 

But if you would like the shortcut, then schedule a free consultation. One of our in-house experts will walk you through the report’s most relevant results, and help you strategize how to bring these insights to life in your business.