2020 Global Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report

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The '2020 Global Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report'


It’s that time of the year.

That’s right— you’re about to learn EVERYTHING we learned about the state of customer experience over the last 12 months.

You’re about to access all of the data from ISC-CX’s programs…

You’re about to gain surprising insights pulled from analyzing that data…

And you’re about to get it all instantly through your new free whitepaper… ISC-CX’s 2020 Global Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report!

You’re going to love what we learned about improving customer satisfaction.

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ISC-CX’s 2020 Benchmark Report

Here’s what you’re about to read.
Every year, we deploy our 1,000,000+ certified testers to evaluate our clients’ CX at each of their customer touchpoints.
This year alone, we collected over 15.5 million data points from our Voice of Customer, Mystery Shopping and Crowdsourcing programs.

By analyzing these data points, we learn so much about what it takes to increase customer satisfaction, engagement, and advocacy. We also learn a lot about what turns customers off from brands they once loved, and how brands can rebuild that loyalty.

This year, we once again packaged all of our insights up into our annual Customer Experience Benchmark report.

To build the most accurate and actionable report possible, we collected data from…:

  • +15.5 million customer experience touchpoints
  • 134 global markets
  • 10 key retail industries
  • 6 omnichannel data sources
  • 3 channels

You’re about to gain access to all of this proprietary data that you just won’t find anywhere else, and you will once again find it presented in the definitive global study on customer experience.

In this report you will learn exactly how to build your customers’ loyalty across your most important service channels.

And you are going to download your copy of this report for free.

Why is this Benchmark Report So Important?

When it comes down to it, every brand lives in a bubble. No matter how many customer experience programs you run, you can only learn what’s going on in your own bubble. Our benchmark survey pops your bubble.

It shows you what’s going on in the broader world of customer experience— the good, the bad, and the inspiring.

If you check out our new benchmarks, you will learn:

  • How You Compare: Remember— your customers aren’t just comparing your service to your direct competition’s. They are also comparing your brand experience to the service they receive from every other brand they come in contact with. To be best in class, you need to look at the state of customer satisfaction as a whole.
  • How to Improve: Benchmarks show you two big things— where other brands have stumbled in their customer experience, and where other brands have really excelled. The fastest way to improve your customer experience is to avoid falling into the most common pitfalls, and to follow the best practices other brands figured out for you.
  • What to Do Next: If you can see which pitfalls to avoid, learn how others made their customers happy, and pinpoint exactly where your customer experience doesn’t quite meet global standards, then can begin to build a roadmap of new customer satisfaction steps to take in 2020 to bring your brand experience to the next level!


What’s New in 2020’s Report

First thing’s first— this year’s report features all-new data. The world of customer experience & expectations is rapidly evolving, and you need the most up-to-date benchmark out there to take the most relevant CX improvements possible. But this year you will get a lot more than just updated data…

You will read our most robust report ever!
Your 2020 report will give you…

  • More Data Points: For the first year ever, we combined data from all of our most critical programs— Mystery Shopping, Voice of Customer, and Crowdsourcing from our Simply Tasks program. This year’s analysis is more complete & comprehensive than ever.
  • More Markets: We pulled data from more global markets, more companies and more industries. This year’s report is more wide-reaching than ever.
  • More Advanced Analysis: Every year we improve the core tech that collects, analysis, and pulls insights from our data. This year, we’ve dramatically evolved our text mining capabilities to provide deeper insights than ever.

In this 2020 report, you’ll answer some of the market’s biggest questions about customer experience, including:

  • What 5 factors you have to excel at to increase your NPS score to 97 points.
  • The two days of the week with the biggest room for CX improvement.
  • The difference between online and offline customer satisfaction levels. (This one was a big surprise!)
  • The one website element that 100% of customers search for— that over 20% of brands don’t offer.
  • The deep, subtle insights we learned from applying advanced Text Mining to customers’ own words.
  • Why turning your customers into Promoters is so important.
  • And much more…

Want to know the answers? To gain all these game-changing insights, and many more, all you have to do is grab your free copy of our report. Just fill out the form over there on the side, and download your fee copy of our 2020 Benchmark report.