The Dramatic Impact of Covid-19 Store Safety Protocols on NPS

In the “new normal,” customers prioritize Covid-19 safety in stores, leading many brands to wonder how the new store experience impacts NPS.


ISC-CX has launched the first global study to determine the impact of Covid-19 store safety on NPS. The study covered 11,000 physical stores in 80 countries where customers reported on their perceptions of safety due to Covid-19 measures.

The study revealed:

  • Perception of store safety has a dramatic impact on NPS. When customers found store safety measures “just right” NPS was +76; when measures were perceived as insufficient NPS was -40.
  • The extent of social distancing by store employees and other customers was the main driver of a lift in NPS

ISC-CX supports the growth of global retails brands even in challenging external conditions. We’ve been in the CX measurement business for over 25 years through many ups and downs in global and local markets. Thus, we’ll be continuing this study of Covid-19 safety benchmarks indefinitely.