ISC-CX: Improved Covid-19 protection at retail stores through new customer feedback technology

ISC-CX: Improved Covid-19 protection at retail stores through new customer feedback technology

  • Market research firm ISC-CX launches online survey tool for checking Covid-19 protection measures at retailers
  • Customers help companies create a safe retail environment


Munich, April 29, 2020 - Real-time feedback from customers has long been common practice in retail and hospitality to significantly drive service quality and compliance to company processes. During the Coronavirus crisis, the usual service drivers are secondary. Right now, companies are focused on the following question: How do I ensure that my employees and customers are protected in the best possible way?

The market research company ISC-CX, a global leader in customer experience and strategy for more than 20 years, has pivoted to answer this question and developed an actionable customer feedback system.  Named Covid-19 Feedback, the tool allows customers to give real-time feedback to management after purchase, pick-up or curbside delivery. The tool reports in real-time that Covid-19 protection protocols are in place and customers feel safe.

Once ordered, retailers can implement the Covid-19 Feedback tool instantly. To do this, ISC-CX provides a QR code that quickly links customers to a 60-second smartphone survey. The QR code is displayed at the store's entrance or near checkout so that customers can answer the following questions: Did all employees wear a protective mask and gloves? Was hand sanitizer/wipes or other protective supplies/equipment available to use? Was social distancing observed?

The customer also reports their feelings of safety and satisfaction in real-time-- Did the customer feel comfortable? Were they satisfied with the company's new protocols?

Leading European food retailers received the following results a few hours into implementation:

More than 40 percent of survey respondents reported they were "very satisfied" with the standards in the store. It was revealing that nearly 70 percent considered the cleanliness of the shopping carts to be a major concern. The retailers concerned took action immediately and now disinfect shopping carts every time they are passed onto the next customer. After the new disinfecting procedure was introduced, customer satisfaction and feelings of safety showed increases within the hour.

"Especially in these times, it is extremely important that customers and companies communicate and align themselves to maintain safety standards - and preferably in a "contactless" way using their own smartphones," says Reinhold Auer, Managing Director of ISC-CX, "Retailers do not know for sure if their customers feel safe unless they ask them in real-time."

The feedback tool is available until May 10th 2020 at a promotional price and without a set-up fee.


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