ISC-CX achieves a major upgrade to its global app elevating capabilities for the CX and market research industries

We have significantly raised the standard of data collection, analysis and delivery for our industry with the upgrade of the ISC-CX mobile app.  This upgrade benefits both our Clients and our 1.2 million Service Evaluators on all continents.  Available for download on the App store or Google Play, it is infused with the most advanced security and artificial intelligence in its data analytics that is available today.  Click here to learn more about the AI in ISC-CX Textalytics

With this upgrade, the ISC-CX app significantly surpasses the capabilities of all other apps in their industry.  It offers:

Guarantee of Reliability - The app works offline if there is no local connectivity available in a store.  Data is uploaded into a brand’s reporting dashboard as soon as the Evaluator’s smartphone re-connects to the internet.  This type of app functionality has been standard for text and email apps but has not been possible previously for the volumes of data/images in customer service programs.

Full Transparency to Clients - All steps of a Service Check/Mystery Shop/Audit can be tracked at any time.

Highest Image Quality - High-resolution photos can be recorded directly in the app, which not only saves memory space on the Evaluator’s smartphone, but also ensures the highest quality images.

Deeper, Quicker Insights - Artificial intelligence supports the clustering of topics written in open commentary fields and recognizes sentiment and important keywords - this saves time in generating actionable insights.

Customizable design - The app can look and feel like the client’s branding and corporate designs.

The upgrade also offers many advantages to ISC-CX’s Evaluators.  At a store, the Evaluator can access instructions on how to conduct the Service Check/Mystery Shop/Audit straight from the app, and then input data immediately with ease.  Data collection can include prices, conversations with associates, general service impressions, photographs (e.g. the storefront, products, price tags, compliance factors, etc.) and many other data types.  The data gets transmitted in real-time to the Client’s reporting dashboard customized to their requirements.   

"When it comes to testing and measuring the customer experience in a retail location, quality and security standards are particularly important," explains Adino Baumann, global operations director at ISC-CX.  “We deliver user-friendly data globally with the highest quality in the shortest possible time so that our clients can act on the information right away.”

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