Today, we’re making a big change.

We’re saying goodbye to our old name—INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK.

From now on, we’ll be known as…ISC-CX

We’re making this change for one core reason. 

We’ve grown a lot as a company over the last 20 years. When we first started out, we primarily offered Mystery Shopping services. But over the years, we expanded our capabilities, and now offer a complete suite of services to map, measure, and improve our clients’ entire Customer Experience, or CX. We feel our new name— ISC-CX—better reflects the cohesive range of Customer Experience products that we now offer. 

Our CEO, Reinhold Auer tells us, "But there is an even deeper reason why we are making this change. With our services, we help our clients better understand how they present themselves to the world. We show them where they need to adapt their brand to better match their customer’s real-world feedback and expectations. We hope to lead by example, and that, by changing our name, we model the behavior we ask of our clients— to make big changes for the sake of building a better connection with their customers."

We’re excited to share this new name with you, and we’re proud of what it represents— our continued commitment to helping our clients close the gap between their brand’s promise, and its real-world experience. 

And we’re just as excited to use this special day to tell you about our new service portfolio that brings our commitment to life. We now provide a complete portfolio to better meet your growing needs, and the new possibilities promised by our rapidly digitizing world:

  • Service Checks: We’ve upgraded our standard Mystery Shopping service, and offer over a million certified testers, worldwide coverage, and market-leading software.
  • Voice-2025: We’ve also upgraded our Voice of the Customer service, and are able to give you even stronger unfiltered, real-time information from your customers, including Text Mining and AI. 
  • Fast Insight: We’ve combined our professional Service Checks with direct customer feedback to give you a 360-degree picture of your business as rapidly as possible.
  • Simply Tasks: We’ve made it much faster and easier to collect critical information via mobile crowdsourcing from any of your POS (without pulling your sales force off the floor). We give you immediate access to global shoppers who are ready to visit and answer your questions in real-time.
  • Audit: We’ve created a simple, but powerful, service that measures how well your brand’s identity is being expressed, and how well your compliance controls are being followed, as a company, and by location. 
  • Employee Surveys: We’ve made it easier than ever to survey your employees to make sure they are happy, engaged, and loyal, and to pinpoint and fix red flags before you lose your top talent. 

With this service line, we know we are prepared to excel in our digital future— and to make sure you excel in yours too. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you improve your customer engagement, upgrade your marketing, and to make better data-driven decisions for your business.

We are excited to spend the next 20 years working together to solve your challenge, seize your opportunities, and drive your projects to success by working hand-in-hand to bring your brand’s customer experience to the next level!