ISC-CX Evaluators Spend an All-time High of 700K Minutes Actively Capturing Customer Experience Data for Global Retailers during April 2022

  • ISC-CX Evaluators spent 700,000 minutes capturing Customer Experience measurement data for global retailers while physically present at their brick-and-mortar stores or engaging with their digital sales/customer support channels.
  • Evaluators utilize the ISC-CX Mobile App, which increases the efficiency of real-time data collection for clients by 79%, driving quicker customer service analysis and improvements.
  • The App incorporates the highest quality data handling, images and security standards.

Market research company ISC-CX, the leading provider of Customer Experience programs worldwide for over 20 years, is pleased to report its Evaluators spent over 700,000 minutes actively collecting Customer Experience measurement data in April 2022. ISC-CX Evaluators collect this data for ISC-CX clients at their points of sale and customer support around the world, both brick-and-mortar and digital channels. Data is analyzed and used in the clients’ Customer Experience improvement programs.  April’s Customer Service data capture included measurements for a significant number of new clients, which were acquired in 2022.  ISC-CX clients cover a wide spectrum of top global brands including watches/jewelry, luxury automobiles, supermarkets, restaurant chains, home goods, apparel and electronics.To name only a few, ISC-CX measures the customer experience at Vodafone, Shell, McDonald’s, Lavazza, Lindt, RE/MAX, and many more.

ISC-CX Evaluators utilize the upgraded ISC-CX Mobile App to guarantee high-quality and high-efficiency data capture.  Available on the App Store and Google Play, the ISC-CX Mobile App is available to the company’s 1.2 million Customer Experience Evaluators and Brand Auditors around the world for the CX programs of top global brands. It is infused with the most advanced security and artificial intelligence in its data analytics that is available today.

ISC-CX’s clients accrue the benefits of the upgraded App, for both Mystery Shopping and Brand Audit programs.  The App offers:

Full Capture of the Customer Journey – The App is the optimal tool to capture the complex processes of the customer journey for retail brands.  From their initial interaction with the brand to the purchase to the post-purchase experience, the customer experience at all steps in the journey is captured and analyzed.  The amount of data points that the App can collect during the journey is unlimited.

Omni-Channel Analysis of all Customer Touchpoints – The App is used for CX data collection in brick-and-mortar stores as well as customer interactions by phone, emails, chat and websites.

Highest Image Quality - High-resolution photos are recorded directly in the App, which ensures the highest quality images for clients.

The App also offers many advantages to ISC-CX’s Evaluators.  At a store, the Evaluator can access instructions on how to conduct the Service Check/Mystery Shop/Audit straight from the App, and input data immediately with ease.  Data collection can include prices, conversations with associates, general service impressions, photographs (e.g. the storefront, products, price tags, compliance factors, etc.) and many other data types.  The data gets transmitted in real-time to the Client’s reporting dashboard customized to their requirements. 

"We are very pleased about the feedback we have received from our clients and Customer Experience Evaluators around the world," explains Adino Baumann, global operations director at ISC-CX.  “Our Mobile App bestows a myriad of benefit to global brands that work with ISC-CX now and in the future.  It is a tool for facilitating quicker customer experience measurement and analysis at the highest quality levels in both brick-and-mortar stores and digital channels.”

For information about the full features and functionality of the upgraded ISC-CX Mobile App, go to ISC-CX Mobile App Upgrade

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