Case Study: Improving Customer Experience in Fashion with ISC-CX's Close the Loop

Positive customer experience strengthens customer loyalty, boosts revenue, and enhances a company's image. A leading global fashion brand recognised the significance of continuously optimising its customer experience and is now relying on the innovative solution from ISC-CX Close the Loop - powered by AI.

This case study provides insight into modern CX software and how companies can promptly leverage its benefits.

Improve customer experience with ISC-CX Close the Loop

ISC-CX's "Close the Loop" revolutionises the way companies identify and address pain points in their customer experience. The tool offers transparent and intelligent features for real-time issue resolution and straightforward implementation into business processes. This allows companies to achieve significant time and cost savings, as they no longer require external or internal consultants for quality management and save time in communication with store managers.

User-friendly interface and intuitive functions

ISC-CX Close the Loop - powered by AI offers an easy-to-use interface and features that ensure user-friendliness and optimal utilization. Furthermore, the AI-powered CX programme can be combined with mystery shopping initiatives and audits, or deployed as a stand-alone solution. Individual triggers are defined at the beginning, which automatically initiate corrective actions in the event of non-compliance.

The success story of an international fashion company

An international fashion company chose to implement ISC-CX’s Close the Loop. With the tool, the company was able to efficiently address operational shortfalls. In particular, the company focused on three issues, saving valuable time and resources. Real-time tracking helped identify these issues immediately and take prompt action.


Explore how this global fashion brand effectively implemented this solution, driving significant improvements in the customer experience.

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