ISC-CX 2024: Revolution­izing Customer Experience

Throughout the last year, ISC-CX saw significant expansion in its clientele, welcoming partners from a variety of sectors such as retail, travel, food & beverage, automotive, and financial institutions. This growth underscores ISC-CX's ability to tailor advanced mystery shopping programs that meet the nuanced demands of each industry, setting a robust foundation for future endeavors.

A key to last year's success was the introduction of "Close the Loop", an automated service designed to address and resolve customer feedback efficiently. This innovation represents just a part of ISC-CX's broader strategy to actively enhance client-customer interactions, reinforcing its role as a trusted industry leader.
The ISC-CX Mobile App continues to set industry standards, equipped with the latest in security and AI-driven data analysis. Serving over 1.2 million customer experience Evaluators and brand auditors globally, the app is crucial in implementing effective CX programs for the world’s top brands. Here you can find out about the powerful features that the latest app update has brought.

Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with Net Promoter Scores (NPS) averaging in the high 60s. These positive reviews not only reflect ISC-CX's unwavering professionalism and proactive support but also highlight its dedication to delivering innovative solutions that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Looking forward, Reinhold Auer, Managing Director of ISC-CX, shares his optimism for the future. “The past year's achievements have set a high bar, but we are poised for even greater success in 2024. Our commitment to understanding and improving the customer experience, coupled with our innovative tools and services, promises to elevate our offerings to new heights. We eagerly anticipate the opportunities the coming year holds, confident in our ability to lead the way in customer experience innovation.”

ISC-CX remains focused on leveraging its strengths to explore new opportunities for growth and innovation, maintaining its leadership position in the customer experience domain and beyond.