Answers to Your Biggest Questions about Text Mining and Voice-2025

Today we’d love to tell you a little more about one of our most in-demand services.

Answers to Your Biggest Questions about Text Mining and Voice-2025

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about it and want to answer them all in this blog post.

The service is advanced text mining in our Voice-2025 product, and it can effortlessly add a whole new level of depth and insight into your customer relationships.

So let’s dive in, and answer your most burning questions!

What is Advanced Text Mining?
It’s an advanced form of analytics that lets you pull deep insights out of unstructured text. It works like this…

  1. You collect a bunch of unstructured text (like your customer’s written responses to open-ended survey questions.)
  2. You apply advanced analytics that “read” the text and find patterns in your customers’ responses.
  3. You translate those patterns into deep, subtle insights that tell you what your customers really think, feel, and say about you.

Text mining gets a lot more complex in the back-end, but, from the perspective of one of our clients, that’s more or less as complicated as it gets.

Why Should I Bother Performing Advanced Text Mining?
That depends a bit on what you’re already doing to learn more about your customers and your relationship with them.

If you aren’t doing anything, then text mining can offer a quick and easy way to generate a massive amount of customer data in a very short period of time via a Voice of Customer survey. All you need to do is create a quick 5-minute survey filled with open-ended questions, and then distribute it to your customers via your CRM, or receipts, or any other one-to-many touchpoints.

But let’s say you’re already doing something to learn more about your customers. Let’s say you’re in the middle of a VoC measurement. Why should you bring in text mining?

The reason is simple— text mining will give you a whole different set of data and insights around your customers by natural language processing. You will get answers to questions you didn’t know to ask. You will uncover subtle red flags that indicate your relationship is starting to sour. And you will learn the exact language your customers use to describe their problems and how you make their lives better… language you can cascade through all of your touchpoints to make your customers feel like you really “get” them.

Why Can’t I Just Read My Customer’s Responses on My Own?
This is a fair question. Why would you deploy a bunch of complex back-end technology to “read” your customer’s responses when you could just sit down and literally read those responses yourself?

One word: Scale.

With text mining you can run a survey to any size audience. You can ask as many questions as you want. You can collect and analyze responses of any length. And because the work is automated, you can run the entire program—from survey collection to data analysis to reporting—without allocating much time, effort, or bandwidth… no matter how big you make it.

Oh, and one last thing— text mining can correlate your text in complex ways that just aren’t possible via manual analysis, which means you’ll also end up with a more complete analysis at the end than any human-only program could ever produce. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is key to deciphering data.

How Can I Get Started with Advanced Text Mining?
We make it simple for you. We are able to perform ad-hoc text mining on any collection of unstructured text, but primarily apply our advanced text mining capabilities to our Voice-2025 program.

Voice-2025 is our “voice of the customer” product. During one of these programs, we’ll collaborate to define a set of questions you want to ask your customers. We’ll distribute that survey through any channel your customers use, including text, messaging apps, social media, receipts, email, or anything at all.

We’ll then collect all of your customer’s responses, we’ll apply text mining to derive insights from those responses, and our in-house analytics team will bundle those insights up into clear, executive-ready reporting that outlines exactly what we learned and how you can put it into practice. Best of all, the whole thing is fully managed by a dedicated ISC-CX point person. You won’t have to lift a finger. Text Mining can also be generated for your other customer experience programs, like Mystery Shopping measurements.

Voice-2025 offers the simplest, easiest, and lowest-effort way you can bring the power of text mining to your organization. If it sounds interesting to you, then just reach out and we’ll set up an initial consultation!


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