Top Service Trend: Voice of Customer

Each year Gartner Research surveys executives leading customer service and support functions about their top priorities and customer service trends. It is not surprising Voice of Customer ranked third this year given that brands are grappling with changing external conditions. 

The research 2021 Customer Service Trends and Priorities identified the top trends in customer service. Digital channels ranked first, a proactive service model was second and Voice of Customer and cross-channel customer experience came in third. Robert Hauser, Head of Voice-2025 at ISC-CX, affirms that the survey’s findings are in line with client demand: “We have been observing a trend for several years that our clients are increasingly relying on Voice of Customer programs and technology. Clients value flexibility and speed in collecting and analyzing feedback. "

ISC-CX clients particularly appreciate the language diversity in the Voice-2025 program, especially in Europe, as well as the company’s organic cultural knowledge.  These capabilities enable customer surveys to be quickly adapted to local retail environments as ISC-CX relies on its local project management teams on the ground in 120+ countries. In addition, Voice of Customer is relatively inexpensive compared to other customer experience programs, because there is no need for service testers when customers can give direct feedback. However, when clients want deeper insights, they augment their Voice of Customer program with mystery shopping, on the one hand to get top-line insights, and on the other hand to capture and analyze the customer experience in fine detail.

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Just a few years ago, evaluating a Voice of Customer program was very time-consuming as countless customer feedback datapoints, in the form of open comment fields, had to be categorized and analyzed manually. At ISC-CX, this is now done with the most advanced artificial intelligence available (Explore ISC-CX Textalytics). The Textalytics engine is not only able to categorize comments, but also process sentiment (the feeling behind the words) and context – all in the shortest possible time. Textalytics delivers unexpected, fresh insights to global and local brands to help them continuously improve their customers’ experience.

Would you like to explore starting a Voice of Customer program today? Our experts would be happy to advise you about best practices!